New Believers are invited!

         ….to grow in Christ and trust in Him

         ….to understand how to live for Him

         ….to be assured of your Salvation

         ….to have a fresh start with God!


What is Fresh Start with God?

A mentoring program for new believers to encourage them to growing and better understand their relationship with God.

How does Fresh Start with God work?

We match up a new believer with a mature believer of the same gender and they meet together on a weekly or bi- weekly basis at to study the book Growing in Christ.

What’s the next step?

If you are interested in being involved in Fresh Start with God, please contact one of our team members. You can find contact information for our team below. 


Team Members:

Gary Hiatt,

Bev Hiatt,

Laural Pannabecker,

Scott Owsley,