Farm Drive Neighborhood Center


Committed. Relational. Accountable. Motivated.
  • That all willing and able students in the Farm Drive Neighborhood would graduate from High School and continue on to higher education or vocational/job skill training 
  • Relationships would be built through a mentoring program between volunteers and students from the Farm Drive Neighborhood
  • CRAM would have significant positive impact on the broader sociological disadvantages which young people in the Farm Drive neighborhood face
  • Consistent with Farm Drive Neighborhood Center's Purpose Statement:
    • "....offers kids the opportunity to mature holistically (intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, socially and physically) through consistent, long term and relational ministry."


Leadership Structure:

  • CRAM Leader: Gary Johnson
  • All mentors report to CRAM Leader 
  • The CRAM Leader reports to Patty Havens, Interim Director of Farm Drive Neighborhood Center 
  • The CRAM Leader is responsible for the vision and overall guidance of the program


  • Directly involved in a mentor relationship with a Farm Drive student
  • Responsible for guiding their Farm Drive student through high school and beyond (applications, scholarships/financial aid, classes, graduation) 

Primary Measures of Success:

1. That mentor relationships are built through tangible interaction between mentors and students.

  • Mentors spend time with the students at Homework Club, Bible Club, and other Farm Drive activities
  • We see fruit from these relationships through life change in the students (and mentors)

2. Opportunities to share the gospel through life-example from the mentors

  • Relationships will be built with the family of a mentored student

Secondary Measures of Success:

1. That every student who participates in CRAM will graduate from an institution of higher education (4-year university, community college, vocational training).

  • Mentors will see their student to the end of this goal

2. That students who participate in this program will come to Christ.

  • Mentors will use CRAM to teach Godly values, a Biblical worldview, and pray for the salvation of their student
  • Mentors will then help the student get connected into a Christian community

3. Sociological disadvantages will be broken down.

  • We will see tangible effects in the Farm Drive neighborhood
  • People will notice a change in this neighborhood (SJPD, City Officials)

Get Involved:

  • Become a mentor for one of the Farm Drive students 
  • Become a tutor or translator to assist students with their schoolwork 
  • Donate money towards incentives that students are given for reaching specific goals  
Quotes from CRAM Students:
"CRAM is a cool program because it helps you in high school and rewards you for good things." - Javier
"I like the rewards. I am getting my grades up. It's a good thing." - Sergio
"CRAM is a very helpful program that will help me achieve my dreams and goals. My mentor is a very helpful person. Becky is cool!!!!!" - Jose
Click here to see some pictures of our CRAM students. 
Recent Events:
...a total of $180 was awarded to 12 students who earned A's 
...12 students made a final GPA of 2.0 or better and were offered a special event
...3 students graduated and have received a laptop 
Contact Information: 
For more information or to get involved please contact our CRAM leader, Gary Johnson at